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Beef Bone Broth

Beef Bone Broth Now Available!

Our bone broth is made by slow simmering bones in filtered water with Himalayan salt for 48 hours. The broth is strained and frozen and made in small batches with single source bones from our farm.

The broth is considered to be concentrated and will gel when defrosted and cooled. The gel is the result of it's gelatin content, which is the cooked form of collagen and has many beneficial health effects.

Read our blog post to learn more about the health benefits of bone broth.

About our Cattle

Pittsburgher Highland Farm beef comes from our own Scottish Highland Cattle.

They are raised on a diet of 100% grass and forages with no grain or corn – ever.

They enjoy access to quality pastures and water in a natural environment.

Scottish Highland cattle combine the best cattle characteristics with sustainable grass feeding and organic practices in order to produce healthy, affordable and tasty beef for the educated consumer.

We use no chemicals, hormones or other artificial additives in the production of our beef, adhering strictly to USDA standards for grassfed, naturally raised, and organic production.

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Why Grassfed?

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How to Place an Order

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By Email

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By Phone

Call Dana at (412) 720-0675

Online - Coming Soon!

Soon you'll be able to order right here from our website! Once we've had a chance to verify product availability, we will get in touch to confirm your order and make payment arrangements.

Our beef is also available at a variety of local markets!

Harvest Valley Farms - Market & Bakery

6003 Cunningham Road ~ Gibsonia, PA 15044

Dylamato's Market

5414 Second Ave ~ Pittsburgh, PA 15207

East End Food Coop

7516 Meade Street ~ Pittsburgh, PA 15208 412-242-3598