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Our signature blue, green, black & gold "plaid" background is actually the Smith Clan Tartan and befitting for our Scottish Highland cattle & Pittsburgher Highland Farm.
The Smith tartan was designed by Sir William Smith, founder of the Boys Brigade, who was granted that honor by the crown.  This  tartan
is the only one specifically associated with the name Smith and dates back to Scotland in the early 1600's.
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Across Town or Across The USA ~

Allegheny City Market
1327 Arch Street (Northside) ~ Pittsburgh, PA 15212

Bloomfield Saturday Market
5060 Liberty Avenue ~ Bloomfield, PA 15224


East End Food Coop
7516 Meade Street  ~ Pittsburgh, PA 15208 412-242-3598

Harvest Valley Farms -  Market & Bakery
6003 Cunningham Road ~ Gibsonia, PA 15044


Local Delivery / UPS Shipping:
Mark Harvey Smith ~ 412-585-2227

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Farm: Armbrust-Hecla Road - Mt. Pleasant, PA 15666
Warehouse: 1534 Swissvale Avenue - Pittsburgh, PA 15221



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Your source for genuine grass-fed Highland beef

Scottish Highland cattle combine the best cattle characteristics with sustainable grass feeding and organic
practices in order to produce healthy, affordable and tasty beef for the educated consumer. PittsBurgher cattle
are raised on a diet of 100% grass and forages with no grain or corn – ever, and enjoy access to quality
pastures and water in a natural environment.

We use no chemicals, hormones or other artificial additives in the production of our beef, adhering strictly to
USDA standards for grass-fed, naturally raised, and organic production.

"Grass-fed beef is lower in fat and calories than grain-fed beef and is rich in the 'good fats' - notably omega-3
fatty acids, which are linked to blood pressure reduction, healthy brain function and the slowed growth of many
types of cancer.  In addition, grass-fed beef contains antioxidant vitamins and is a rich source of conjugated
linoleic acids, another 'good fat', which may be one of our most potent defenses against cancer."

~  Jo Robinson,
Pasture Perfect


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Pittsburgher Highland Farm now has Grass-Fed Lamb !
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