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crowded McDonald's drive-thru

Fast Food Nation

By Pittsburgher Highland Farm | May 2, 2024

Eric Schlosser published the groundbreaking book, Fast Food Nation in 2001, in which he explored in depth the history of fast food as an industry and culture in America and […]

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Butchered Beef

Butcher Day

By Pittsburgher Highland Farm | January 9, 2023

It is by far my least favorite and most stressful day, and one that I don’t take lightly – for many reasons. Delivering quality grass-fed beef and lamb as well […]

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Scottish Highlander Cattle with the word organic

Organic: What does it mean?

By Pittsburgher Highland Farm | December 1, 2022

Buying organic products means a lot to a lot of people. But what exactly does “organic” mean? According to Webster’s Dictionary organic is defined as “relating to or derived from […]

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Buy Fresh, Buy Local PA

Buy Fresh Buy Local

By Pittsburgher Highland Farm | November 7, 2022

You’ve seen the bumper sticker. Maybe you even talk the talk; but do you walk the walk? The world is perhaps more health conscience about food choices than ever. We […]

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Pittsburgher Highland Farm Owner & Farmer, Mark Smith

Know Your Farmer

By Pittsburgher Highland Farm | October 28, 2022

This is a common bumper sticker these days; but what does it mean? It’s simple really. Explained another way, it suggests knowing exactly where your food is from and how […]

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Mark Smith

My Story – Mark Smith

By Pittsburgher Highland Farm | October 8, 2022

Everyone has a story, and mine probably isn’t that different than most – until about 14 years ago in late 2008. That’s when I left a relatively secure job with […]

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Grass Fed Beef Tallow

Tallow and Its Uses

By Pittsburgher Highland Farm | May 18, 2018

Tallow is made by rendering suet which is the fat of cattle or sheep, typically the fat that surrounds the animals organs. The process of rendering involves gently heating suet […]

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What’s the Hype About Bone Broth?

By Pittsburgher Highland Farm | January 24, 2018

Bone broth is a staple in many traditional diets and are said to be the cure-all for many health issues ranging from the common cold to autoimmune disease and even […]

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Nutritional Value of Grass Fed Beef Compared to Grain Fed Beef

By Pittsburgher Highland Farm | November 16, 2016

We plan to delve more deeply into some of the nutritional differences between grass fed and conventional beef in future posts but thought it would be useful to begin with an […]

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Up Close and Personal on the Farm

By rpf5y | September 17, 2016

We held our first Farm Tour this past summer to let our customers get up close and personal with the cattle and see the operation of the farm first hand. […]

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