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We Now Have HONEY!

Pittsburgher Highland Farm is proud to now offer locally produced raw honey from Piper's Bee Farm in Latrobe until our own bees are producing (they're working on it). Raw honey is pure and unpasteurized, bringing the seasonal freshness of nature's bounty to you in a jar. Much like our grass-fed animals take in the goodness of seasonal grasses and legumes throughout the year, bees produce honey from nectar gathered from blooming clover, tree blossoms and the variety of wildflowers available at the farm. The result is a  jar of sweetness direct from the farm! Our 10 oz. jar of honey is priced at $9.

We are also offering  sealed containers of creamed honey, a delicious spread that has been re-crystalized to some extent in order to make it gel. It's a treat on toast or your favorite pastry (or by the spoonful if you're so inclined! The 1 lb. containers are priced at $16.

As a promotion we will be offering a free jar of honey or creamed honey on all orders over $100.  Because there are honey vendors at the market we will not be retailing it there but it will be available for preorders placed for pick up. This promotion will last through the end of September.

These products are seasonal so supplies are limited.

About our Cattle

Pittsburgher Highland Farm beef comes from our own Scottish Highland Cattle.
They are raised on a diet of 100% grass and forages with no grain or corn – ever.
They enjoy access to quality pastures and water in a natural environment. Scottish Highland cattle combine the best cattle characteristics with sustainable grass feeding and organic practices in order to produce healthy, affordable and tasty beef for the educated consumer. We use no chemicals, hormones or other artificial additives in the production of our beef, adhering strictly to USDA standards for grassfed, naturally raised, and organic production. More About These Cool Cows

Why Grassfed?

How can I get my hands on this goodness?


How to Place an Order

By Email

Click the button below to download our order form. Just Fill it out and email it to Dana.

Grassfed Beef Order Form

Grassfed Lamb Order Form

Pastured Pork Order Form

We are excited to have pastured pork as part of our offerings now!  A friend and fellow farmer raises woodland pigs on his farm near Kittanning and we are pleased to be able to offer these quality products to our customers. Email Dana to order.

Bloomfield Farmers Market

5050 Liberty Avenue, 15224 (between S. Winebiddle and Gross Streets) Rain or Shine!

Local Markets

Harvest Valley Farms - Market & Bakery
6003 Cunningham Road ~ Gibsonia, PA 15044 724-898-FARM
Dylamato's Market
5414 Second Ave ~ Pittsburgh, PA 15207 412-521-1351
East End Food Coop
7516 Meade Street ~ Pittsburgh, PA 15208 412-242-3598